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Mehler Achler Patentanwälte


We advise our German and international clients in every field of intellectual property law. In doing so, we are committed to providing comprehensive advisory services as well as dedicated personal support. In addition, we naturally also ensure absolute confidentiality of all matters and information entrusted to us.

Establishment and Assertion of Intellectual Property Rights

The formulation and submission of patent and utility model applications in most fields of technology and of trademark, domain and registered design applications forms a major focus area of our work.

We conduct the examination procedures on your behalf at the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. To obtain intellectual property rights in all countries worldwide, we use our network of competent and experienced foreign patent law firms.

However, our advice does not begin with the registration. We are happy to assist you in the development of new ideas and offer comprehensive advice with regard to a suitable patent strategy (innovation management). We will also help you to avoid mistakes when developing and expanding your trademark portfolio. If you are looking for cooperation with a development partner, we will assist you with the contractual safeguarding of your rights, from a non-disclosure agreement to a cooperation agreement.

After your intellectual property rights have been established, we keep a close eye on them. If they are breached or contested by competitors, we will help you devise an effective defense strategy. We also represent you in opposition or nullity procedures against your patent, in opposition or revocation/invalidity proceedings against your trademark, in cancellation procedures against your utility model as well as in invalidity proceedings against your DE design and EU design.

Search, Monitoring and Intellectual Property Rights of the Competition

We support you in the identification and evaluation of the intellectual property right situation already during the product development phase and carry out appropriate searches for this purpose. The results of which we present to you with risks and possible courses of action.

We also monitor industrial property right applications of your competitors, in particular applications for trademarks, designs or technical intellectual property rights such as patents and utility models.

If required, we will develop a strategy for you to find the best way to deal with the intellectual property rights of your competitors, e.g. to take action against these intellectual property rights. During an ongoing (patent) application procedure, this can include, for example, a third-party observation or, after the grant of the patent, the initiation of opposition or nullity proceedings against the intellectual property rights of the competitor.

Out of Court Settlements

Demarcation agreements in the case of trademark disputes also form part of our service range, as do license negotiations with your competitors based on every type of intellectual property right.

Employee Invention Law

We advise and represent you as an employee or employer in all matters of employee invention law. We compile an overview of your rights and duties, help you establish an efficient reporting system for inventions, for example, and support you in calculating the appropriate compensation. If all attempts at mutual agreement fail, we also support you in enforcing your interests by litigation.

Breach of Property Rights

If a possible breach of your property right or of the property right of a competitor is at issue, we will compile an infringement opinion to provide you with an overview of the legal position and advise you of the possible courses of action and risks.

In the event of litigation, we will represent you before the German courts in cooperation with law firms specializing in the field of intellectual property and well known to us from many jointly conducted proceedings. In the case of property right breaches in foreign jurisdictions, we can also use a network of experienced colleagues. In doing so, we will always support you and our foreign partner firms with our technical and legal expertise.